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New life for an old smartphone. What to do instead of throwing the phone away?

Your old smartphone still works, but you already carry a new one in your pocket? We've put together 6 ways to give it a new life and keep you from being responsible for more junk. What to do with an old smartphone?

You bought or plan to buy a new smartphone, but the previous model still works and it's a shame to throw it away? For such an occasion, we have prepared a guide in which we recommend 6 ways to manage your previous phone. You can always put it to better use than creating more electro-waste. See more:

Old phone as a music player or remote control

We will start with the most sensible solution in my opinion, which makes a lot of sense in the era of new models. Let's assume that you like to listen to music and some time ago you equipped yourself with better quality wired headphones. Your new smartphone - rather unsurprisingly - doesn't have a 3.5 mm jack connector, which is now missing not only in flagships, but also in mid-range models.

In this case, an older smartphone can be used as a music player. The network is not lacking in tutorials, how with root and alternative mods to turn the phone into a real music combo, obtaining above-average quality. You'll need a bit of time and effort to do this, but you won't be short of either during this period of limited freedom to leave the house.

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Some of the smartphones (at one time most Xiaomi) on the top edge had an infrared LED. This allowed them to serve as a multifunctional remote control. So an old phone can control all the multimedia devices you happen to have at home - including your smart-home.

Spare phone or game console

Let's face it - in 2020, you've got to be a real geek to buy a top-of-the-line phone. Let's assume that your previous smartphone is a flagship, and you're moving to a mid-range. What to do with the older model?

There is a chance that the previous model has better performance - mainly in terms of graphics. Then it can serve as a gaming console, because it does not lack power, and a weaker battery will not matter if it will not be loaded with other tasks.

Alternatively - although this is the last resort - you can just put in the drawer "just in case". If something happens to the new smartphone, we always have a spare model. You can approach this even more radically and recover part of the money spent. How?

Sell for parts or give to the needy (or family)

In the end, I left the option that I myself use most often. When I buy a new smartphone (and it happens to me far too often), I usually wonder if someone in my family needs a new device. Alternatively, we can donate it to one of the centers that collect old electronics for those more in need.

Of course, both of the above options require a working device - no one is likely to be happy with a model with a broken screen or a completely "dead" battery. Then we can think about recovering a small amount by selling it for parts. Smartphone screens are in price, so it is worth considering this option.

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